Social & Emotional Growth

• Completion of senses: Children would enjoy achieving a task by stimulating all of their senses including seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling and vestibular system, proprioceptive system.

• Being able to decide as a group and teamwork.

• Being able to reach a democratic conclusion as a group.

Knowledge & Understanding of the World

• Ecology and understanding the world.

• Getting to know different professions: Architect, Farmer, Lumberman.

• Project of connecting past to present.

Language & Literacy Growth

• Reading/ understanding/ researching/writing/ gaining presentation skills.

Mathematic Growth

• Calculating the geometric shape spheres by using unit squares.

• Being able to use standard (ruler etc.) and atypical (branch, rope etc.) measurement tools.

• Being able to manage budget (material + workman costs)

• Being able to assign relationship of perimeters and edge lengths of geometric shapes.

• Being able to solve problems of planary shapes’ perimeters.

Physical Growth

• Training and improving the full bodies muscular system

• Improving the fine motor control and tactile skill.